Today, Lydia Has Hope And Purpose

“Beadwork has given me hope. I now wake up with something to long for and it has allowed me to provide for my children.”

Known. Loved. Worthy!

“Farming has brought a big difference in my life. Last year, I didn’t farm because I didn’t have the proper knowledge. This year, my children and I have food.”

Sharing Hope to the Lost

“Clean water has created a platform for me to reach unreached communities with the good news of Christ.”

God Didn’t Forget Chawoi

“We pray our new church in Chawoi will foster unity and change in our community and more people will come to know Christ.” - Dorcas, Chawoi Community Member

Helping Restore Families

“May God bless Zoe and give you the heart and resources to be able to help more children like you did mine.”

The Power of “Yes!”

“Losing 3 of my children at once was very painful. Carrying the burden of raising my grandchildren was quite a burden at first. I thought of abandoning them because the burden was too much because I had no help.”

5 Reasons to Intern with Zoe Ministries

Gracen shares her experience as an intern at Zoe and why she thinks you should be one too!

Party of 5

A story of hope for 5 brothers - Emmanuel, David, Bramwel, Victor, and Morgan.

Be[ad] the Change

Beads, the Chepokilipa people, and life change? Yep, you read that correctly.

Breaking the Barriers on Women’s Health

It’s estimated that young girls miss about 20% of the school year due to women’s health issues and the stigma surrounding it in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Suds in the Bucket

Prior to the reunification of some of our children, Lydia and her team spend time building skillsets for goods or services that are valuable in the markets. For Rael’s family, that skill is soap making! 

Finding Family

Family preservation, orphan prevention, rescue, rehabilitate, reintegrate, foster, adopt, prevention, intervention, transformation. These are all words that you hear us use when we talk about our orphan care program? But what do they all mean? The best way for us to explain all of these to you is to provide you with a tangible example. 

The Goal: Always Family

You know those smiles on the faces of your kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews when they run to greet you, arms wide open, following a time away from each other? I’m convinced that those smiles cannot be topped, and we’ve gotten to see that image play out with one of our own.

Robai… A Woman Empowered

There is no Zoe Ministries without the stories of the beautiful Kenyan people that we have the opportunity to serve. We want you to know the faces behind the stories.