November 28, 2023

God Didn’t Forget Chawoi

“We pray our new church in Chawoi will foster unity and change in our community and more people will come to know Christ.” - Dorcas, Chawoi Community Member

Think of the hardest places on earth to reach. Think of a place that’s only accessible by vehicle a few months a year. Think of a place that’s never heard the name of Jesus. For us, that place is Chawoi. 

In November of 2022, community members from Chawoi heard about our Water Repair Team and called Keith, our team leader. They begged him to bring our team to Chawoi and repair their broken handpump. They told us they were getting their water from a local river due their handpump being broken for years. Keith told them, “I’m sorry. We cannot come because our vehicles cannot reach you with the equipment needed.”

A week later, Keith received another phone call from Chawoi community members stating, “Please come now. We worked to make a way. We cut down trees. We put stones across the river. Please try.” So what did our team do? They went to Chawoi the following week. Their borehole was repaired in a matter of days. Chawoi, a tiny village located partially in Uganda and Kenya had clean water accessibility again. Lives were changed immediately. 

So far in 2023, our Water Repair Team has visited over 130 villages throughout western Kenya, but none stand out more than Chawoi. Once a handpump is repaired, the real work begins. Our pastoral team then comes in to begin holding weekly meetings to anyone who will listen. Often times, the Gospel is rejected in this region because it contradicts strong cultural beliefs. As Christians, we are to fight for the one. 

We are to fight for Chawoi. 

“Seeing women smile after a handpump is repaired gives me so much satisfaction.”  - Mark, Water Team Member

Our weekly meetings in Chawoi began to organically grow. More and more community members were coming each week. More and more people were open to hearing the hope of the Gospel. 

On March 23, 11 community members from Chawoi professed their faith in Christ through baptism. So far this year, 23 people from Chawoi have been baptized. 23 new believers have been raised up. These 23 individuals have even begun their own church, Chawoi Church. Together they worship the same Jesus every Sunday just as we do here in the US. 

Our hope is that Chawoi will never be the same again. Our prayer is that Chawoi Church continues to thrive and grow and lead others to Christ. 


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“Farming has brought a big difference in my life. Last year, I didn’t farm because I didn’t have the proper knowledge. This year, my children and I have food.”

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“Clean water has created a platform for me to reach unreached communities with the good news of Christ.”