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Building Stronger Communities
Through Christ

Come alongside us in sharing LIFE through CHRIST to orphaned and vulnerable children. To help further the gospel within our Kenyan community, we also facilitate clean water wells, secure housing for widows, provide education enhancements, food security and income generation.

Give to make a change
Storytellers bring clean and living water to the people of Kenya.

The Storytellers is a devoted group of monthly givers who are comitted to enhancing the physical and spiritual wellbeing of people living in poverty.

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Orphan Care
Widow Care
Education Partnerships
Clean Water
Every Number Has a Name
Maria was only a few days old when she was found abandoned on the roadside. With nothing but the blanket she was wrapped in, her chances of survival were slim, but God had other plans for her. Not only would she survive, but she would thrive! Since coming to Zoe in December of 2020, she has blossomed into a strong and healthy baby who is growing daily. We can’t wait to see all that God has in store for her.
Alfred couldn’t afford to feed his family or send his children to school. He started working for Zoe in 2017 as the groundskeeper and began earning an honest living. Now his family is doing better than ever! As Agricultural Manager, Alfred is currently leading Zoe’s greenhouse initiative which will help feed and empower other people in our community. We are proud to have this hardworking man on our team!
Jane’s story is filled with tragedy and death. After both of her parents died at a young age, Jane lived with her grandmother for 2 years before she also passed away. With no one left to care for her, Jane came to live at Zoe. Now she has more family than she ever dreamed! God truly brought beauty from the ashes of Jane’s past, and we give Him glory for how he will use her in the future!
Anthony is a 7-year-old student at a local school where a clean water well was recently installed. The impact of this borehole is truly life-changing for Anthony and his family. Having easy access to clean water has improved their overall quality of life because they no longer have to walk to the river to fetch water. They have enhanced household hygiene practices, and they have already seen a decrease in waterborne illnesses by 70%!