November 14, 2023

The Power of “Yes!”

“Losing 3 of my children at once was very painful. Carrying the burden of raising my grandchildren was quite a burden at first. I thought of abandoning them because the burden was too much because I had no help.”

Can you imagine losing three of your children in one tragic accident? For Florence, that was her reality in October 2022. Her family now needed her more than ever. Florence now had 4 grandchildren who needed a place to call home. 

Florence told our team, “I mourned their loss for four months nonstop, and I was at their grave each day in such pain.” Not only was Florence mourning her own children, but she was also in conflict with what to do with her grandchildren. She said, “I thought of abandoning them… because the burden was too much.” One of her sons told her, “Mom, they will suffer much more if you leave them.” 

Our social workers heard about Florence and her grandchildren from a local pastor in early 2023. After initially visiting Florence’s home, we began taking her food and inviting her to our local widow fellowship. Several visits later, it was apparent that we needed to step in and help her and 

her grandchildren. 

We mapped out a plan to keep them together. First and foremost, we knew we had to get her grandchildren back in school. We had to ensure there was food in their stomachs. 

So why did we decide to step in? If we didn’t, we knew Elisha, Triza, Faith, and Abigail would soon be in our full-time care. They would be institutionalized and separated from their family. We couldn’t allow them to be in our care knowing we had the ability to help them grow up in their own family. 

At Zoe, family strengthening starts with the word, “Yes!” Before our team is allowed to step in and help, the family must be completely bought in. We asked Florence, “Can we help and strengthen your family? Can we help ensure that you are the one who raises your grandchildren?” With tears in her eyes, Florence said, “Yes!”

Because of generous people like you, Florence and her grandchildren are thriving. They are a beautiful picture of what family strengthening can do. It’s never easy, but it’s always worth it. 

“Family strengthening is the answer, we clearly see that with Elisha, Triza, Faith, and Abigial’s story.” - Taylor Summers, Founder & Executive Director


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