October 13, 2023

5 Reasons to Intern with Zoe Ministries

Gracen shares her experience as an intern at Zoe and why she thinks you should be one too!

Gracen Hendon

The past two summers of interning with Zoe Ministries have been incredibly fulfilling. It offers an opportunity to deeply engage with a foreign culture, providing a fresh perspective on life. The relaxed pace of daily life in Kenya encourages you to cherish each moment, reinforcing the belief that every encounter is part of a divine plan orchestrated by God. Interning with Zoe Ministries allows you to befriend the Kenyan staff and work alongside them, learning from each other. Interning with Zoe Ministries will enable you to see and understand the work being done and a decision you won't regret. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why it's an excellent opportunity for you.

1. You can experience a new culture

It opens doors to a varied culture, language, and outlook, enabling a firsthand understanding of challenges faced in third-world countries. During your stay in Kenya, you'll see many Kenyans have only enough food for the day yet find contentment in their circumstances. Being surrounded by such joyful and content people taught me to rely on God for my daily sustenance and is one of the best parts about interning. 

2. You can show love to vulnerable women and children

Zoe Ministries allows you to show love to the children and women they work with. By doing so, you can establish a stronger relationship with them and gain insight into the challenges they confront. By sharing the gospel with the widow bible study and kids club, you can offer them hope in God and see how it transforms their lives. 

3. You can share the gospel through clean water

By collaborating with the water and empowerment team, you can reach out to the world's most remote corners and share the gospel with people who have never been introduced to it before. In the desert areas, the unreached population often relies on digging in the sand or using the same water source as their cattle. Witnessing the transformation of communities as they gain access to clean water for the first time is an eye-opening experience. 

4. You can make a generational impact

Zoe Ministries doesn't just try to put a bandaid on the problems faced in Kenya but instead provides sustainable ways to improve and empower communities. You will have the opportunity to work with women's empowerment efforts through farming, soap making, and beadwork while also equipping communities with living and physical water. By visiting homes weekly, you will see evidently how empowerment efforts have positively impacted families and changed the trajectory of their lives.

5. You can step out of your comfort zone

Traveling across the world can seem challenging and scary, but it allows opportunities for personal growth and new experiences. I never expected to lead bible studies or preach in church, but these opportunities helped me grow spiritually and equipped me with the skills to further God's kingdom and make disciples. The Kenyan staff takes the time to teach you how to lead others to Christ and how to apply that to your daily work. 

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