September 26, 2023

Party of 5

A story of hope for 5 brothers - Emmanuel, David, Bramwel, Victor, and Morgan.

Abby Winstead

Emmanuel, David, Bramwel, Victor, and Morgan were abandoned, sickly, and hungry. Our team found this family in dire need. Unfortunately, these cases are too common in Kenya. Thankfully, our orphan care division was obedient and stepped in. The children were left in the care of a neighbor while their father went to look for work to support them. When their father did not return on the expected day, the boys were on their own. Working with the appropriate authorities, Zoe was able to take them in and meet their needs. Through some tracking and phone calls [LOTS of phone calls], Lydia, our Child Development Director was able to get in touch with their father. He had left them in dire need of a way to feed them---this is a reality for many in Kenya facing the same desperation to care for their families. After learning of the situation, he immediately began making his way back home to them. 

While the boys remain in Zoe’s care [for now], this family has a story of HOPE and reunification. Our orphan prevention initiative allows us to find ways to empower WHOLE families. Several things are in the works to see how our team can empower the family to allow the boys to be cared for properly. As details are worked out, their father visits regularly. This is the story of a family who just needed help. Desperation led to disaster, and our orphan care team was able to step in. 

THESE are the stories of hope that we pray will continue. Families are what stop the orphan crisis, and Zoe is humbled to get to be a part of that mission. 


Today, Lydia Has Hope And Purpose

“Beadwork has given me hope. I now wake up with something to long for and it has allowed me to provide for my children.”

Known. Loved. Worthy!

“Farming has brought a big difference in my life. Last year, I didn’t farm because I didn’t have the proper knowledge. This year, my children and I have food.”

Sharing Hope to the Lost

“Clean water has created a platform for me to reach unreached communities with the good news of Christ.”