Zoe Ministries was founded in January 2017 by Taylor Summers, a recent college graduate with a heart to help those in need. After spending extensive time in rural Kenya, Taylor felt God leading him to start an organization that rescued orphaned children. As he prayed about what that would look like, the words from John 10:10 resinated with him as Jesus said, “I have come that they may have LIFE and have it to the full.” The Greek word for life is “Zoe” and from that, Zoe Ministries was born. Setting the wheels in motion, 5 acres of land was purchased just outside of a town called Kitale, Kenya and construction soon began.

In January 2018, the first vulnerable children were rescued and brought to Zoe where they joined a home with loving houseparents who would raise them as their own. The children received education, healthcare, Christian counseling, and the love of a true family. This model has continued and since then, Zoe has built 5 more houses, hired 5 more sets of married Kenyan houseparents, and rescued nearly 50 vulnerable children. Other additions on site include a home for abandoned babies and a community church for weekly worship services.

Since its conception, the focus of Zoe has expanded beyond orphan care. In efforts to make a greater eternal impact, Zoe began a variety of community outreach projects and sustainability programs in local villages. In January 2020, Zoe purchased 4 additional acres of land specifically designated for community enhancement. Digging clean water wells, building widow homes, introducing farming/greenhouse initiatives, facilitating job training and establishing education partnerships are all part of Zoe Ministries’ scope of community engagement. By meeting the physical needs of others, Zoe is bridging the gap to meet spiritual needs as well. God has blessed this ministry beyond measure and the best part is, the story isn’t finished yet! The Lord has even more in store for Zoe Ministries, and we can’t wait to continue watching Him work.

stateside support staff

Taylor & Katie Summers
Founder & Co-Directors

Lisa Pinkerton
Director of Community Engagement

kenyan support staff

Country Director: Kenya

Director of Community Engagement

Director of Child Development

Director of Baby Zoe

Property Manager

Edgar & Florence

Damascus & Ruth

House Nanny

Ayub & Noel

Construction Manager

Robert & Linda

Property Assistant

board of directors

Taylor Summers
Al Cummins
James Walker

Lamar Taylor
Jennifer Armstrong
Lane Quinton

Ron McNeer
Missey Hudson
Zach Pinkerton