May 8, 2023

Finding Family

Family preservation, orphan prevention, rescue, rehabilitate, reintegrate, foster, adopt, prevention, intervention, transformation. These are all words that you hear us use when we talk about our orphan care program? But what do they all mean? The best way for us to explain all of these to you is to provide you with a tangible example. 

Abby Winstead

Meet Baby Bahati.

Abandoned in a deserted house, a local boy was tending to his animals and found sweet Baby Bahati while passing. After alerting the proper authorities, Bahati made her way to us. After her initial rescue, the goal shifted to finding her a family. Now, Bahati is thriving and bonding with her new family.

There are more than 3 million children orphaned or vulnerable in Kenya today. Zoe works to establish and enhance programs that safely return orphaned and vulnerable children to families. We want to help as many children as possible, as safely as possible, and as soon as possible. 

Baby Bahati will grow up knowing her identity is in Christ and that she is loved by her family. That sense of belonging and well-being impacts her entire future. Praise the Lord for His redemptive stories!


Sharing Hope to the Lost

“Clean water has created a platform for me to reach unreached communities with the good news of Christ.”

God Didn’t Forget Chawoi

“We pray our new church in Chawoi will foster unity and change in our community and more people will come to know Christ.” - Dorcas, Chawoi Community Member

Helping Restore Families

“May God bless Zoe and give you the heart and resources to be able to help more children like you did mine.”