December 17, 2023

Today, Lydia Has Hope And Purpose

“Beadwork has given me hope. I now wake up with something to long for and it has allowed me to provide for my children.”

Lydia lost her husband in 2020 and her life immediately began to look a lot different. After his death, her husband’s family chased Lydia and her 5 children away. From that point on, she was on her own. Just her and her children. 

Lydia told us, “When I became a widow, I was left with no hope.” 

Our Women Empowerment Program was started for women like Lydia. We wanted to make sure we provided a safe and loving place for vulnerable women to be empowered. We knew if we didn’t, women like Lydia and Susan would be left with the ultimate decision, to abandon their children or fight through the hardest season of their life.

For Lydia, she chose the latter of the two. Lydia entered our beadwork program on site in 2022 and is currently employed by Zoe. She recently told our team, “I now have peace in my life. My children have peace in their life, and I’m able to pay for their school fees.” 

At Zoe, we wholeheartedly believe when you empower vulnerable women, you change a generation. Lydia and her children no longer worry where their next meal will come from. She can afford a safe place to call home. Lydia is now empowered to be the best mother she can be for her children. 

Today, hope is restored in Lydia’s life.  


Known. Loved. Worthy!

“Farming has brought a big difference in my life. Last year, I didn’t farm because I didn’t have the proper knowledge. This year, my children and I have food.”

Sharing Hope to the Lost

“Clean water has created a platform for me to reach unreached communities with the good news of Christ.”

God Didn’t Forget Chawoi

“We pray our new church in Chawoi will foster unity and change in our community and more people will come to know Christ.” - Dorcas, Chawoi Community Member