Walk with her & see the impact of clean water for young girls like Stella in Kenya.

Three years ago, we began working in the West Pokot region of northwestern Kenya. This region has two massive and urgent needs --- clean water accessibility and the gospel. West Pokot is one of the harshest places to live in East Africa. Water is extremely scarce and women and young girls (like Stella) are the ones who carry the water crisis on their shoulders.

For every community that receives access to clean water, time is cut into two categories: Before & after. Before clean water, day-to-day life is an endless walk. But when clean water starts to flow? Communities thrive.

Meet Stella

Instead of being in school, Stella would spend her entire day walking for water. She would miss at least 3 days of school each week. Today, Stella and her family have access to clean water—and because of the project, Stella’s walk for water is now much shorter. She now only walks 10 minutes to her village’s new clean water source. Stella fills her own jerry can up each morning as she continues her walk to school. She is no longer walking for water all day—she’s now in a classroom instead.

While Stella dreams to be a school teacher, she is still a young girl living in a village in rural Kenya. Now that her village has clean water, she has more free time that allows her to be a child again and simply learn to read and write. But even better—because of the pastor, she and her village are learning about the One who brings hope into hopeless situations. We long to see more villages like Stella’s have access to clean water and to learn about the love of Christ.

Together, with your help, this is possible.

Help us end their walk for Water.

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