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It’s about meeting tangible needs and building real relationships so that doors might be opened to meeting spiritual needs as well.

The Village is a devoted group of monthly givers who are committed to enhancing the physical and spiritual wellbeing of people living in poverty across the globe.

These are not aimless contributions that have no lasting effect.

Monthly contributions of any size that are made by The Village partners are designated to specifically fund farming initiatives, clean water wells, brand new classrooms in local schools, and new homes for widows in need.

The Village partners are an integral part of everything we do at Zoe. We like to think of this community of contributors as the engine that keeps our ministry machine running. The Village provides the passion and sustainability needed for Zoe to make the greatest impact possible in Kenya.

When you become a Village partner, you are not only making a physical investment in the lives of people in poverty, but you are also making a everlasting impact in the hearts of people longing to know Christ. By joining this vital team of givers, you have the opportunity to make an eternal impact.