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Building stronger communities through Christ begins with you.

Your Gift 2X Matched

This Christmas, share hope to the most vulnerable.

Scripture is clear, as Christians we are called to care for the broken and vulnerable. 

You can reach them. We can help. 

Zoe Ministries exists to mobilize the church to care for the broken and vulnerable, where each member can provide a special service: some pray, some go, some give. Today, thanks to sacrificial givers like you, vulnerable children, women, and communities are receiving holistic, Christ-centered care through our ministry programs. Most importantly, many of them are coming to know Jesus Christ. 

2023 GOALS


Caring for orphaned and vulnerable children


Providing clean water accessibility


Empowering vulnerable women


Total for ministry programs

Man with two children

Pillar 1


Orphans are the most vulnerable people on the planet. As we move forward in 2023, our goal is to make a greater impact in our orphan care avenue of ministry in a variety of ways. Not only will we continue rescuing children as we’ve always done, but we will expand our vision to reach outside the walls of Zoe. Providing support to orphaned and vulnerable children in the community will remove many of the barriers that often cause the separation of families. Our goal in this is to promote family preservation and ultimately, orphan prevention. 

Today, thanks to dedicated people like you, more than 40 orphaned and vulnerable children are receiving direct care from Zoe. With your help, we will be reaching more orphaned and vulnerable children in 2023 than ever before. 

Your Opportunity

There are a few practical ways that you can help us directly care for orphans in 2023. We plan to build another Zoe home that will be a safe place for rescued children to heal and know the love of a family. We are also forming new partnerships with other like-minded organizations in Kenya to increase our orphan outreach opportunities through other avenues of direct care.

Total Goal: $190,000

Direct Orphan Care
$150,000 // Caring for orphaned and vulnerable children is the heartbeat of our work. As we continue caring for the children directly in our care, we will also begin helping like-minded organizations provide direct care. Babies are being abandoned at a record number. In 2023 we will begin aiding in efforts to foster babies out to loving Kenyan homes.

Family Preservation & Education
$40,000// Bringing children into our direct care is the last option for us. In 2023 we will begin caring for vulnerable children with our focus being family preservation. By caring for vulnerable children in their home environments, our goal is to prevent the rise of the orphan population.

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Woman holding glass of dirty water and glass of clean water

Pillar 2


It’s no surprise that clean water is vital to the health and wellbeing of people around the world. Access to clean water provides a ripple effect of life-changing benefits. Clean water decreases the prevalence of deadly waterborne illnesses such as typhoid and cholera, thus decreasing mortality rates. Access to clean water empowers women to earn an income, grow food, and provide for their families. By drilling and rehabilitating clean water wells in vulnerable communities, Zoe is meeting a basic need that will impact generations to come. 

To date, Zoe has drilled 10 boreholes and rehabilitated more than 50 clean water wells. We estimate that over 65,000 people have been impacted so far due to these clean water initiatives. In 2023, our goal is to drill an additional 3 boreholes and rehabilitate 100 additional clean water wells. With your help, we can continue the ripple effect. 

Your Opportunity

When you give towards clean water, you create a ripple effect for generations to come. By providing access to clean water and educating families on proper sanitation, we can equip them with the resources needed to break the cycle of disease, death, and unemployment due to contaminated water sources.

Total Goal: $190,000

Borehole Drilling 
Clean water changes everything. You can help bring clean and living water to communities for the first time. We direct our clean water initiatives to the most vulnerable regions of Kenya. Our list of communities needing access to clean water is ever growing and you can change that for 3 communities. Help us drill 3 additional boreholes in 2023. 

Borehole Rehabilitation
$85,000 // Pipes break, pumps age, and bolts rust. We began rehabilitating broken water systems in early 2022 and have been amazed by the program’s success. Not every community needs a new borehole. Many communities instead need existing boreholes repaired and rehabilitated back to working condition. 

Fuel & Equipment
$30,000 // Our team spends a lot of time on the road getting to the most remote areas of Kenya. The further you go, the greater the need is for clean water and the gospel. In 2023, our team plans to expand its reach by adding an additional rehabilitation team and growing our reach throughout Kenya and East Africa. 

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Woman with two children

Pillar 3


Vulnerable women in impoverished communities are often unable to break the cycle of poverty they were born into. Due to difficult life circumstances, Kenyan women are frequently overlooked, abused, or neglected. It is our mission to break that cycle. By providing resources and specialized training in a skill such as bead working, pottery, and other artisan goods, our goal is to empower women to do just that. 

Empowering vulnerable women not only restores their security of physical needs, but it also restores their human dignity and hope for a better future.

So far, Zoe has trained 7 women in beadwork, giving them community and a sense of belonging. In 2023, our goal is to grow this program so that we’re able to empower an additional 25 vulnerable women. 

Your Opportunity

Together, we can empower vulnerable women to become socially, economically, and spiritually strong. In 2023, you will have the opportunity to empower vulnerable women through 3 avenues of ministry. Whether you’re giving towards sewing machines, beads, clay, or tea for our weekly community groups, your gift is being intimately felt by women who need it the most. 

Total Goal: $65,000

Skilled Training
$45,000 //  Teaching women a skill helps restore hope and dignity. During the past year we’ve been slowly laying the foundation for our skills training program. Women are being trained in bead work, pottery, bag making, and greenhouse farming. Zoe will begin selling their products in 2023, helping provide employment, income, and stability for their families. Products will be sold in Kenya and the US. 

Secure Housing 
$10,000 // Often, for women to feel empowered to care for their families, all they need is a safe and secure place to call home. Our mission of building safe, strong, and secure housing for vulnerable widows will continue in 2023. 

Community Groups
$10,000 // When vulnerable women come together, they create a place of safety, trust, and belonging. We plan to grow our community groups in additional communities we serve in. Take part in weekly fellowships through giving towards additional seating needs, tables, and refreshments.  

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“We are blessed by being able to be a small part of the work being done in Kenya. We have seen first-hand how the love of God, the love of a family, and clean water impacts the children, widows and villages that Zoe serves."
Hendon Family
Zoe Advocates since 2018
“We are not called by Jesus to build massive church buildings and sit idly by while others in our world struggle to fulfill their basic needs. We are called to care for the needs of those around us and around the world both spiritually and physically.”
Scott & Katy Barnes
Zoe Advocates since 2022 
“Being a partner of Zoe means that we share in the mission that God is working through this organization. We can help financially but we also have a responsibility to pray for the work that is being done.” 
Patrick Family
Zoe Advocates since 2020
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Letter from the Founder
& Executive Director

God is working through you to reach people with the Gospel, caring for the most vulnerable children, women, and communities in East Africa. As we continue growing our mission, we are seeing God continue to work in the lives and communities of those we serve more than ever. 

Every child, woman, and community we serve with your support has heard the Good News of the Gospel. Jesus is the one changing countless lives. We have witnessed him redeem broken lives and bring beauty from ashes. He is the reason we celebrate this holiday season.

We’re excited to give you the opportunity to join where He is working. To make your impact to go even further, every gift given by December 31, 2022, will be matched up to $60,000!

With your help, we believe this year’s match campaign can impact more lives than ever. 

Your gifts bring hope to the broken and vulnerable. Together let’s celebrate what God is doing!